Twitter Slams VICE For Urging People to Root For Jaguars Over Patriots Because of Trump


Well, Vice had a lot to say about the AFC Championship game.

On late Sunday morning, the website took to Twitter and weighed in on the conference championship between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots. And they chose to back a team for a rather unorthodox reason.

“The Jaguars are fun and don’t give a sh*t,” Vice tweeted. “The Patriots are villainous cheaters with a plater, coach, and owner that consider Donald Trump a friend. There’s only one team to cheer for in the AFC title game.”

Obviously a reference to Trump’s cozy relationships with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, head coach Bill Belichick, and team owner Robert Kraft.

In the piece written by Dave Lozo, he unloads on Trump even further as well as actor Mark Wahlberg.

When you throw in your lot with the Patriots, you do so with celebrity fans like Trump and Mark Wahlberg; when you get behind the Jaguars, you stand with… um… remember the woman that growled into the camera that time? Her. Who represents your ideal America more? Two wannabe tough guys that think they could have prevented 9/11? Or Roberta, a homeless woman who loved the Jaguars unconditionally through their darkest times?

Twitter reacted by giving Vice some flack… and by rooting for The Patriots.

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