UK Politician Defends Use of N-Word: ‘I’ve Never Seen Myself as White’

After Northern Irish politician and Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams used the n-word in a tweet, he apologized and explained that he’s never really seen himself as white.

Adams tweeted the following Sunday, before deleting it under pressure.


Adams apologized but defended his tweet, saying he believed there was a parallel between American slavery and recent British treatment of the Northern Irish. “In our own time, like African-Americans, nationalists in the North, including those from Ballymurphy and West Belfast, were denied the right to vote; the right to work; the right to a home, and were subjected to draconian laws,” he argued.

Adams took that rhetoric to the next level in an interview with local radio station LMFM. “I’ve never seen myself as white,” he said. “That’s only skin deep. I’m a human being,  We’re all human beings, whatever our skin color, whatever our gender, whatever our ability or disability.”

“The fact is we’re all human beings and we all deserve to be treated properly. And it’s all about rights and what was happening in America,” he concluded.

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