‘Unacceptable’: Hillary Reacts to DNC Emails Discussing Attacks on Bernie’s Religion


In an unaired segment from her interview on 60 Minutes, Hillary Clinton was asked for her live reaction to the troubling indications from the release of hacked DNC emails over the weekend

Wikileaks released a series of internal Democratic National Committee emails over the last few days, some of which suggested that the party leadership was tipping the scales in Clinton’s favor. One of the most damning of these exchanges included a staffer’s suggestion that they ask questions about Sanders’ religion in an attempt to undermine him with religious voters in the South.

When asked about this on Saturday, Clinton said “I am adamantly opposed to anyone bringing religion into our political process,” and that it was “absolutely wrong and unacceptable” to do so.

Scott Pelley continued to ask Clinton about whether she knew anything about these emails, particularly the ones that suggests the DNC tried to give her the upper hand. Pelley repeatedly asked if such intervention would be “improper,” but Clinton insisted that she didn’t know anything about the emails and that she was proud of her campaign.

Since the interview was filmed, Debbie Wasserman Schultz offered to resign as DNC Chairwoman due to the scandal, and Clinton’s campaign has released a statement on the matter.

Watch above, via CBS.

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