Unbelievable: Chinese Weightlifter Can Carry 9 Pounds… On His Eyelids

Wang Xianxiang has a strong set of peepers. Not in that he can see perfectly, that would be too easy: Wang is a 42-year-old fireworks maker from China who can lift buckets of water with his eyelids. He hooks the buckets, which have a combined weight of 9 pounds, on wire and then attaches the wire to plastic hangers which hang from his eyes.

Wang, who has been lifting things with his eyelids for five to six years, says he first began to do the trick out of sheer boredom. He eventually started training for 30 minutes each morning and two hours each night to increase his strength. At the beginning, he adds, “it was extremely painful” but after a lot a practice, it’s now “just uncomfortable.” He hopes to gradually increase the amount of weight he can carry on his eyelids.

Wang entertains local migrant workers at a festival close to his hometown of Liuyang. He’s also developed another trick where two men wrap a metal wire tightly around his neck, all while he chats with the audience. According to Wang, his antics draw audience numbers in the thousands.

Married with two children, Wang’s family at first didn’t love the trick, but become accustomed to it as he started to get recognized in and around their community.

Currently lifting a four and a half pounds on each eyelid, Wang says one day, he’d “like to push that to 11 pounds.”

h/t NBC News

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