University Racial Justice Ad Seeks To Lead Fight Against White Privilege

The University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) has recently sponsored a controversial ad campaign aimed at educating viewers about racial injustice with a focus on anti-“white privilege” sentiment.

Included as part of the Un-Fair Campaign, the ad features close-ups of white men and women revealing the guilt they feel as “privileged” members of society, a status that they claim stems from their race. Each speaker also explicitly identifies the “unfair” treatment allotted to non-white citizens, thereby pointing out the racial injustices that they say still prevails in the country.

“We’re privileged,” declares one young woman at the very end. “And that’s unfair.”

The ad has generated outrage on UMD’s campus as students expressed their discontent over the administration’s support of the ad campaign, which also includes posters and billboards with the same message.

In addition to using ads, the Un-Fair Campaign — which includes UMD and the YWCA among other organizations — also hosted a series of lectures on UMD’s campus. The campaign’s main goal is to promote “racial justice,”¬†with UMD as a foundation from which to grow.

Watch below:

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