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Van Susteren Airs Out All of Her Post-Ailes Regrets on Facebook

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-1-47-22-pmObviously, the central figure in Roger Ailes‘ departure from Fox News has and always will be Gretchen Carlson, who filed a sexual harassment suit against the media mogul in July. At the time, the Fox News community rallied around their leader. Three female anchors gave interviews to Mediaite while other heavy hitters like Neil Cavuto and Greta Van Susteren backed their boss elsewhere.

When other women started coming forward against Ailes, he was quickly ousted and a $20 million settlement was given to Carlson and a few others. Immediately after that, Van Susteren left the company. Carlson may be the one forever associated with the downfall, but Van Susteren is now seeking to make sure that the parts associated with her have more to do with reversing course, supporting other women, and owning a mistake than they do with circling the wagon.

Though as recently as the end of July she was still standing with her original position, she tellingly wrote, “[O]f course if I had known of any sexual harassment, I would not keep quiet as I would not want other people hurt by my silence.  You all know me – I speak up.” Based on that simple statement from earlier this summer alone, her decision to walk on Fox after the settlement is hardly surprising.

She’s not going quietly. Look at today’s Facebook post:



Yeah, when she said she would “speak up,” she wasn’t kidding.

She referenced the apology of fellow former wagon-circler Geraldo Rivera, but took her mea culpa one step further and said that she has more regrets than simply not believing Carlson. She regrets that every system of checks and balances that was set up within the company and its parent company failed the women who have been dragged through the press over their accusations.

Van Susteren continues to pull no punches.

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