Vice Contributor Claims Trump Call to End Filibuster is ‘Dictatorship’, Predicts ‘Civil War’


On Friday, President Donald Trump called for the end of the filibuster. The tweets sparked a range of reactions that were entirely predictable and not really newsworthy.

Vice contributor Jules Suzdaltsev however, managed to outdo most of blue check land in hysteria, tweeting that Trump’s “dictatorship” leadership style is “how civil wars get started.”

Suzdaltsev is of course talking about the health care vote that took place in the middle of the night, which ended with Senator John McCain casting the vote that caused the bill to fail. Even without the filibuster, however, winning or losing on a majority vote along is something most people would consider closer to democracy than dictatorship.

His Twitter bio outright says he is “not political,” though that is curious too — for obvious reasons.

Sadly, the president will not be able to read any of this helpful advice. The writer announced on May 30 that Trump had blocked him on Twitter, making him a member of a very large group. Before he was blocked, Suzdaltsev tweeted that the “orange skinned tyrant” should spend more time with his 11-year-old son than golfing.

Although — it’s more than a little curious he can respond with such alacrity to an account he is blocked by.

In a sense of irony, Suzdaltsev finished his rant by calling Trump’s rant “unhinged.”

Suzdaltsev might need to stick to his non-political Vice writing, like his “What Kind of Porn Gets You Off the Fastest” or “White Plastic Chairs Are Taking Over the World.”

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