Vice Gets Rid Of Its Whole Comments Section


vice-logoVice just gave their comment section the boot.

Comment sections are special places. Those who frequent the comments at one particular outlet get to know one another and there is often very intense discourse. From what we hear, it can involve name-calling and the occasional ban, but people surely still come away from their encounters having had their minds opened to new ideas and having learned something important. We can’t be totally sure. It would be hard to look through all of the comments during an average day of writing, but we’re positive that everyone says really kind things about each one of the Mediaite writers individually and collectively.

Apparently, the commenters at Vice were not being kind. The site’s explanation for yanking the comments section is a barnburner lite that should be read in its entirety:

Unfortunately, website comments sections are rarely at their best. Without moderators or fancy algorithms, they are prone to anarchy. Too often they devolve into racist, misogynistic maelstroms where the loudest, most offensive, and stupidest opinions get pushed to the top and the more reasoned responses drowned out in the noise. While we always welcomed your thoughts on how we are actually a right-wing mouthpiece for the CIA, or how much better we were before we sold our dickless souls to the gods of capitalism, or just how shitty we are in general, we had to ban countless commenters over the years for threatening our writers and subjects, doxxing private citizens, and engaging in hate speech against pretty much every group imaginable.

After that send-off, they addressed the “hot, brilliant non-bigots” who used the comment section to promote real discourse. Vice promised them that Facebook comments, tweets, and even physical mail will all still be read going forward.

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