Video Suggests Vancouver ‘Kissing Couple’ Actually Knocked Down By Riot Police

So much for romance. A video broadcast on Canadian television Thursday shows the web-legendary “kissing couple” from the riots in Vancouver a week ago were actually knocked to the ground by riot police just before the photo was taken, thereby squeezing the last bit of mystery out of the stunning photo that seemed at first to show an oblivious man and woman in a passionate embrace as the city went to Hell all around them (and all over hockey, no less). Well, so much for that. Thanks a lot, internet.

As The New York TimesRobert Mackey reports, the just-aired video was shot from an overhead position by Chris Wing and posted to his YouTube account. The video shows the couple knocked to the ground by police, followed by the man, Scott Jones, comforting the woman, Alexandra Thomas.

And to further kill the romance, Wing tells the Times Thomas and Jones “were participants in the riot” and “likely should have been arrested.”

Watch it here, from YouTube:

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