WaPo Issues Hilarious Correction About Navy Captain’s ‘Muscular’ Build

The Washington Post may have just issued one of the funniest, and most unnecessary, corrections of all time. As many close readers of the paper, including ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, pointed out, the Post informed its readers Wednesday that Navy Capt. Robert Durand should have been described as “muscular” and not “thickset.”

The original story, which appeared in the Post’s Style section on October 14th, concerned the “image” of Guantanamo Bay and the work of the prison’s public affairs unit, headed by Durand. In its current online iteration, the article reads, “Durand, a tall, muscular man with glasses, talks about his work in big, broad terms. He is not merely a public affairs officer, but someone engaged in a struggle against a determined al-Qaeda propaganda effort.”

Curiously, the online correction also appears to have been corrected. The new version removes the word “thickset” from the equation altogether: “An earlier version of this article incorrectly described Navy Capt. Robert Durand’s physical build. He should have been described as muscular. This version has been corrected.”

Perhaps the paper realized that they were only drawing more attention to the disparity between “thickset” and “muscular.” But you have to wonder, did Durand complain about the characterization? Or did an editor decide that “thickset” is a judgement while “muscular” is merely a description?

Below is a photo of Durand, via the AP, so you can judge for yourself.

[photo via screengrab]

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