Washington Post Senior Editor: Trump Attacks Amazon Because He Has a ‘Jealousy Issue With Jeff Bezos’


President Donald Trump is jealous of billionaire business mogul Jeff Bezos — so much so, that he’s willing to incorporate the destruction of his companies into his daily presidential agenda.

That’s what Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher reported Sunday afternoon on CNN, speaking with Brian Stelter about the president’s latest attacks on Amazon and the Washington Post — two entities Bezos owns.

Fisher, who has been reporting on Trump’s disdain for his publication’s owner, said Sunday sources in the White House indicate the president is jealous of Bezos and his positioning on the Forbes list of billionaires.

“It’s an absurd claim,” he said, refuting Trump’s recent comments that the Post is a “lobbyist” entity for Bezos and Amazon. “The Washington Post has done really critical reporting of Amazon… What’s really going on here is that the president, according to some people inside the White House, has kind of a jealousy issue with Jeff Bezos.”

Forbes came out recently with its new list of the wealthiest billionaires and Jeff Bezos is at number one, and the president is at number 766,” he added.

The president has ramped up his attacks against Amazon in recent weeks, claiming the U.S. Postal Service loses money due to the company’s high-quantity of shipments. This is patently untrue, and Trump has even reportedly received a powerpoint presentation on the fact that the federal service has made a lot of money thanks to Amazon. That hasn’t stopped his berating the business or its ownership, however.

“The Washington Post is far more fiction than fact,” Trump tweeted on Sunday, after the paper published a report about White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. “Story after story is made up garbage – more like a poorly written novel than good reporting. Always quoting sources (not names), many of which don’t exist. Story on John Kelly isn’t true, just another hit job!”

Watch a clip of the exchange via CNN above.

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