Watch a Tuxedoed Willie Geist and His Family Celebrate His Sister’s Huge Oscar Win For OJ: Made in America

The talented Geist family is adding an Oscar to the trophy shelf.

Libby Geist, the younger sister of MSNBC’s Willie Geist, took home the Academy Award Sunday night for her work as an Executive Producer on O.J.: Made in America, the stirring ESPN Films documentary that was critical smash success. And to celebrate the occasion, the Morning Joe cohost joined his parents to watch the Oscars live from New York. A great video was released onto social media showing the moment that the Geists learned Libby has won big.

Willie and Libby are far from the only members of the Geist clan in broadcasting and entertainment of course — their father Bill Geist was a longtime CBS Evening News and Sunday Morning contributor. Yankees fans may remember when the father-and-son due teamed up to call an inning of baseball back in 2012, a fully-realized dream for the family.

On Sunday night a nervous Willie can be seen pacing before OJ: Made in America was announced as the winner of Best Documentary Feature. Watch the clip above via @christinageist and MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

[image via screengrab]

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