WATCH: Big Anti-Trump Protests Break Out Across the Country

Anti-Donald Trump protests have broken out across the country today in response to Trump’s victory in the presidential election late last night.

One of the biggest ones today is currently unfolding in New York City, around Union Square. It started earlier today and has continued into the evening:

You can watch the NYC protest live here:

There have also been protests in LA…

…and Chicago…

…and Seattle…

…and Portland (live below)…

…and Washington DC:

In addition to all of that, there have been some pretty big student protests today.

One getting particular attention today was the protest at American University in D.C., where actual flag burning took place:

And there were a bunch of massive school walkouts too, including at Berkeley:

UPDATE –– 11:18 pm ET: Protesters in L.A. are now burning Trump in effigy:

[image via screengrab]

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