WATCH: Caller Informs Seb Gorka That He Has Been Awarded Journalist of the Year By ‘Dipsh*t Magazine’


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Sebastian Gorka got duped by a prank call to his radio show and proceeded to blast the jokester as “a little girl” for telling Gorka he was awarded journalist of the year by “Dipshit Magazine.”

The caller, “Jason,” began with effusive praise of Gorka, saying he “loved” the sound of Gorka’s voice.

“Radio is meant for you, sir,” Jason said.

Gorka then asked Jason to share his reason for calling.

“Well, my favorite magazine just did a feature on you saying you were the top journalist of this year, I wasn’t sure if you were aware of that yet,” “Jason” said.

“What is this you are talking about?” Gorka responded.

“It’s called Dipshit Magazine,” the caller responded.

Gorka then tried to hit back saying, “This is the definition of a coward.” But Jason hung up.

“What does that mean you’ve dropped off? Does it mean you’re a little girl? I think it does mean you’re a little girl,” Gorka said to someone who wasn’t on the phone anymore.

A comedian who goes by the handle “Prank Stallone” on Twitter later took credit for the prank. His YouTube channel “Not Even a Show” posts videos of prank calls into conservative radio shows.

Watch above. (h/t to Media Matters.)

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