Watch CNN Panel’s Hilarious Reaction to White Guest Saying Beyoncé Performance Was ‘Racist’

If you’ve been watching the exceedingly, excruciatingly stupid freakout over Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl 50 performance, and have been unable to express your inability to even, Don Lemon‘s CNN panel is here to help.

The pop superstar’s halftime performance has made it all the way into the 2016 presidential race, and has been made into a flashpoint for police relations with the public by various law enforcement figures and organizations. For those of you wondering how it is that cops think Beyoncé is the problem between cops and the public, and not the repeated killings and cover-ups of unarmed black people, your frustration has been made flesh.

During a segment exploring the halftime controversy on Don Lemon’s show Tuesday night,  former NYPD detective and police brutality apologist Harry Houck just blew up the five-box with a predictable yet exasperating statement that panelists Nischelle Turner, Bakari Sellers, and Kierny Mayo beautifully captured without saying a word:

Lemon: Some say her performance is anti-police with the reference to the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter movement. Do you feel it was anti-police?

Houck: Well, it’s also racist.

That moment, suitable for GIFing, went viral all over Twitter last night, and it perfectly illustrated the divide between those who demand accountability from police and the police who refuse to accept any. The rest of the segment was chock full of ridiculousness, too, with Houck claiming that the “very few” police officers who engage in misconduct are taken to court and “convicted,” and simply denying that cases such as Eric Garner‘s killing were murder at all. He does make one generous concession, though, allowing that the shooting of Walter Scott in the back was murder:

We can talk about what happened in Ferguson was murder, I’m sorry, it was not. Okay, what happened in Staten Island was murder, I’m sorry, it was not. What happened in North Charleston, yes, I will agree, that officer, that was murder…

The fact is, though, exactly none of the officers involved in these cases have been convicted, and even in the one egregious case that Harry Houck can agree to call murder, that officer still hasn’t been convicted, and given the right jury, he probably won’t be.

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