WATCH: Fox Nation Announces Wild Show Line-Up, Starring Tomi, Hannity, Jesse Watters and… Mark Furhman!


Fox’s streaming, on-demand incarnation of Fox Nation is debuting this fall. And today they announced their lineup — described as “long-form programming including documentaries, investigative series and patriotic specials.”

This new on demand subscription-based streaming service is a mix of fresh programming and previously aired shows and specials. The press release also included a trailer, which you can watch above, and a list of some of the shows that will be available.

Here is a sample.

This wasn’t the first show listed, but The First Family, really ought to have had top billing. It’s just that on-brand. It’s a series about the lives of the various Trumps on- and off-screen. The first episode features Eric Trump, and will include Maria Bartiromo interviewing him about a little bit of everything. Because as everyone knows, people named Trump don’t get very much TV time, so it’s good people will finally learn about this reclusive family and, at some point perhaps, their quiet patriarch.

Fox says: The First Family features the Trump family beyond the headlines. In the premiere installment of this series, Eric Trump takes us behind the scenes, including an inside look at his office, behind the scenes of business trips and at home with his wife Lara and son Luke.

The only way this show, listed first in the press release could have been more timely had it been released a month ago, but even so, it’s on point. Borked is a word which has been in constant use for weeks on political shows. And especially on FNC and FBN in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearing, this word is a hot one. I’ll probably watch it, tbh.

Fox says: Borked chronicles the epic 1987 battle for control of the U.S. Supreme Court when Judge Robert Bork’s name entered the dictionary as a verb – meaning “to systematically and savagely defame and vilify your opponent. The special takes viewers inside the brutal fight between conservative Republican President Ronald Reagan and the Democratic Senators led by Ted Kennedy and Joseph Biden.

Also on the list is Mark Fuhrman‘s The Fuhrman Diaries, where the former LAPD Detective, racial slur enthusiast, and O.J. Simpson Trial alum “Reveals private thoughts and analysis on criminal cases that have defined America.” While Mark Fuhrman’s diary may sound like an off-putting idea (“Dear d-word, today I saw a gopher-American…”), the idea of first-hand contemporary accounts from big cases is interesting and could prove revealing. Or, you know, some kind of word that starts with “r”.

Fox says: From the cases that he was involved in personally, like O.J. Simpson and Martha Moxley, to the cases he has obsessed over for years such as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Fuhrman shares his personal notes and analysis of the criminal cases that have defined the last half century.

Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade is in the line-up with What Made America Great, a show that looks at famous and iconic locales from Americana, such as the Alamo or Mount Rushmore, and will delve into their history and their part in the broader scope of American history. This one also looks good. Kilmeade is a funny guy and he bucks the party line from time to time, and it’s a fascinating topic area. Sounds like a good mix to me.

Fox says: What Made America Great will reveal the hidden history and ongoing controversies behind some of America’s most iconic locations including, The Alamo, Fraunces Tavern, Fort Jefferson and Mount Rushmore.

You can’t spell Fox News without Sean Hannity, assuming you don’t know how to spell, and that’s why it goes without saying the TV and radio host, and prolific Tweeter, will have a show in this list. Hannity’s America: The Clarence Thomas Story is aptly named. It’s Sean Hannity discussing Clarence Thomas and, judging by the trailer (above), interviewing him. This is, again, a timely topic, and Justice Thomas is engagingly brilliant, which could push this show into watchable territory. Could.

Fox says: Hannity’s America: The Clarence Thomas Story will detail the highly contentious confirmation hearings in 1991 and his book “My Grandfather’s Son,” about his own background and the events that brought him to the Supreme Court.

Among the offerings for this on-demand service will be Scandalous, a documentary series that previously aired on Fox News Channel. Among the episodes that will be available are Chappaquiddick, The Mysterious Case of Tawana Brawley, and ABSCAM.

Along the same lines, the documentary specials Riddle: The Search for James R. Hoffa with Eric Shawn and Ace of Spades: The Hunt for Saddam Hussein with Pete Hegseth.

The entire run of talk series Uncommon Knowledge will also be available on demand, as well as previously aired episodes of Watters World with Jesse Watters.

“We are delighted to be bringing this exclusive, long-form programming to the FOX News super fan, including investigative pieces with never before seen footage and uplifting specials from some of the most iconic places around the country. We are confident there will be an offering for every FOX News viewer,” said John Finley, Senior Vice President of Development of Production.

Watch the trailer above, courtesy of Fox Nation.
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Oh also Greg Jarrett has a show about Russia called Greg Jarrett’s: The Russia Hoax. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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