WATCH: Here’s a Montage Of All the Times Trump Said He’s Building a Wall Mexico Will Pay For


A few days ago, Mexico’s former president Vincente Fox tweeted out that his country isn’t paying for the proposed southern border wall that Donald Trump boasted about as he campaigned to become President. Fox has made it clear that Mexico definitely won’t be paying, which Trump seems to finally believe, according to a report that says he’s asking Congress to fund the building of said “big, beautiful” wall.

With what looks like a(nother?) reneging on how the wall is going to be built looming, online news purveyors The Young Turks decided to put together a montage of all the times Trump insisted that yes, he would have a wall built, and yes, Mexico would pay for it.

In the video above, the montage starts at :31 and rolls for a full two and a half minutes.

After the montage finished, host Ana Kasparian had a few words for the voters who participated in “Build that wall!” chants and put Trump in office hoping he’d build a wall that would prevent immigrants from taking their jobs. Those same people who voted with their financial standing in mind will foot the bill for the wall through their own taxes if the new payment plan moves forward.

Kasparian asked, “You think you’re dealing with an economic struggle because of Mexicans? I think that the biggest disaster is the people who allow themselves to be fooled into attacking the powerless and electing the same people that take advantage of them, time and time again.”

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