WATCH: Insane Three-Day Long Brawl Aboard Cruise Ship Forces Families to Hide in Cabins

When you picture a ten-day cruise around the South Pacific, you probably picture stuffing your face at the midnight buffet and then rocking out to the sweet, sweet tunes of the ocean’s number one Doobie Brothers cover band, Takin’ it to the Seas.

You don’t, however, imagine a massive 23-person brawl that goes on for literally three days, with the violence escalating to a point where non-brawling passengers had to hide in their rooms to keep safe.

That’s exactly what happened to a number of horrified vacationers during a Carnival Cruise last week.

The brawl broke out amidst a “big Italian family.” Yeah. A family of 23 angry people just looking for something, or someone, to smash. It wasn’t long, though, before they got bored with one another and focused their fisticuffs on regular passengers, with a keen eye to bust up Australians for some reason.

“[People were] getting strangled and punched up,” passenger Lisa Bolitho told reporters. “Very violent, they were full-on attacks.”

Another passenger called it a “bloodbath,” with yet another passenger alleging that the 23-person commando squad were “looking for trouble from the minute they got on the ship.”

“Five of them surrounded my husband,” passenger Kellie Peterson said. “And unfortunately my children witnessed it and they’re scared. We’ve been told to watch our backs by this group. We’re scared to go anywhere on the ship.”

The ship’s staff were quickly overwhelmed, with one passenger saying they overheard the captain questioning “What am I going to do? Throw them overboard?”

Like all things, be they lukewarm buffet or awkward karaoke on the upper deck, the brawl did finally come to an end. The ship was forced to make an early stop in Australia to kick the fiendish family to the curb. It has not been reported if they are currently roaming the outback, punching kangaroos and throwing cacti.

For their trouble, in which they were literally threatened and attacked by a mob of angry men for three days, Carnival is offering passengers a, get this, 25 percent off coupon. Really.

“I won’t be travelling Carnival ever again so a 25 percent off a future cruise in my eyes is unacceptable,” passenger Mark Morrison said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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