WATCH: MSNBC Reporter Valiantly Saves Two Dolphins Stranded by Irma


Morning Joe was not on this morning — which frankly is my own Hurricane Irma.

Instead, MSNBC reverted all coverage to wall-to-wall footage of the monster storm, and with their reporters hunkered down, wading through storm surges around the state of Florida, there may have been little choice.

With Joe and Mika completely MIA, Willie Geist led most of the coverage, taking feed from a dazzling array of reporters in various stages of saturation.

At one point, Geist moved the camera to Marco Island, Florida where Kerry Sanders was literally in the process of rescuing a baby dolphin.

… and what did you do this morning?

“We have a dolphin that has been washed ashore here. We are attempted to see if we can get it back out into the water,” said Sanders  “It certainly has gone through a lot of trauma here.”

This Senior Editor then sat transfixed as Kerry and another man tried and failed multiple times to shephard the young dolphin back into the water

“It’s exhausted,” said Sanders with a hint of desperation.

“We’ll check back with you in just a second Kerry,” said Geist.

Five minutes later Geist returned to the scene.

“The last time we saw Kerry he was trying to rescue a dolphin,” said Geist.

Sanders was unavailable because live camera footage caught him literally in the midst of rescuing a second much larger dolphin with a group of people. Apparently this dolphin was the mother of the first dolphin.

“Looks like another rescue underway Kerry,” said Geist. “The report we got is that, that young dolphin that we saw out in the sea … Kerry reports back to us that the dolphin was safety released back out into the Gulf.”

Needless to say this gripping television couldn’t end here.

After another five minutes the cameras returned to Sanders to talk more about how he had just literally saved a dolphin family.

Over a grainy connection, Sanders spoke with some of his fellow beachgoers about what they had done.

“It may have been a mother and a baby,” he said.

Geist inquired about how the baby dolphin was eventually convinced to swim away.

The feed audio is a disaster toward the end, but what we can make out is that Sanders personally held the smaller dolphin way out in the ocean, allowing it to catch its breath — it then finally FINALLY swam away.

Well fucking done Kerry Sanders.

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