Watch This Absolutely Brutal $1 Million Wheel of Fortune Loss

Here’s one of the most brutal game show bad beats you will ever see.

On Wednesday night’s Wheel of Fortune, contestants Frank and Laurel had a five percent chance to win $1 million by solving the show’s bonus round puzzle. They spun the bonus round wheel, and selected their prize — which would remain hidden until after they first tried to solve the puzzle.

So Laurel and Frank, a granddaughter and grandfather duo, after choosing their letters, were left with 10 seconds to figure out the following puzzle in the category of food and drink:



Just as the clock was about to expire, Frank figured out the last word, zucchini. Laurel shouted out a guess of “fried zucchini.”

Host Pat Sajak broke the bad news. The answer was baked zucchini.

Then came the heartbreaking prize reveal.

$1 million.

The crowd groaned. Poor Frank doubled over in visible anguish and grabbed his chest.

“You alright?” Sajak asked Frank, who did not respond.

Sajak, if we’re being fair, didn’t seem wholly sympathetic. He almost, at one point, seemed to be concealing a grin.

“I don’t know what to say,” the host meagerly offered.

How ’bout here’s the million bucks? As our friends over at SB Nation pointed out (h/t to them for flagging this clip), “Who the hell eats baked zucchini?”

Watch the painful defeat above, via Sony Pictures Television.

[featured image via screengrab]


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