WATCH: White House Press Briefing — 8/1/17 LIVE STREAM

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will lead the press briefing today. The big story will almost certainly be the lawsuit which alleges the White House worked with Fox News on the conspiracy theory that DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered because he passed documents to Wikileaks.

Watch live above, scheduled to start at 2 p.m. EST.

This lawsuit takes us back to May, when Fox was heavily reporting that Rich, who was murdered in a botched robbery in July 2016, instead died because of his ties to Wikileaks. Despite being debunked by his family early on, Fox continued to report the story until finally retracting it May 23.

Today, NPR reported that the theory came from Rod Wheeler, a Fox News contributor and private investigator, who was hired by financial adviser Ed Butowsky to investigate Rich’s murder, and claimed to have evidence to prove his ties to Wikileaks and that the police were covering it up.

The current lawsuit is now trying clear Wheeler from the debunked theory. Doug Wigdoor, Wheeler’s lawyer, is saying his client “unfortunately was used as a pawn by Ed Butowsky, Fox News and the Trump administration to try and steer away the attention that was being given about the Russian hacking of the DNC e-mails.”

Butowsky and Wheeler even presented their “evidence” to then WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who claims he only took the meeting as a courtesy. To further tie in the White House, Wheeler alleged “he was told the Trump administration was monitoring their progress.”

Reporters will be sure to ask Sanders about the White House’s defense to these accusations, as well as continuing to question the firing of Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. Despite saying yesterday that they have no current replacement for the position, there is speculation that Bill Shine, a former Fox News co-president, could be joining the WH communications team. Sanders said yesterday she has nothing more to say about Scaramucci, but questions may come up again about his firing and if he will still have a role in the White House.

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