‘We Don’t Have Friends to Lose Right Now’: The View Talks Trump’s Merkel Slight


When Donald Trump and Angela Merkel were in a press spray last week, Trump did not acknowledge her request for a handshake.

Given that he had insulted her for months prior to their big meeting last week, that moment resonated as observers wondered if America’s close relationship with Germany would be damaged for good by his behavior.

The ladies on ABC’s The View took on the topic today. Sunny Hostin generously pointed out that Sean Spicer had said that Trump didn’t hear the handshake request at all and, thus, was not ignoring or slighting Merkel.

Whoopi Goldberg followed that up with, “Given this piece of information, the handshakes with world leaders in the Oval Office when they’re taking your picture — which happens every time there’s a world leader — he shook hands with Japanese Prime Minister [ShinzōAbe, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Theresa May, Barack Obama when he was still president…”

“Maybe he didn’t hear her,” Joy Behar offered, causing Jedediah Bila to say, “But even if he didn’t hear her, there’s a precedent.”

“You know that they expect you to do the thing,” Goldberg said of meetings in the Oval Office.

“I think a lot of the diplomacy we feared with him was about people that were not our friends,” noted Sara Haines. “He also just continues to tick off every ally we have, from Australia to Germany, Great Britain — it’s like, we don’t have friends to lose right now. We’re not that cool!”

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