James Comey: Our Analysts Assessed the Russians Wanted Trump to Win the Election


At today’s House Intelligence hearing, FBI Director James Comey acknowledged that the FBI had assessed that the Russian government wanted Donald Trump to win the election.

While questioning Comey on Russia’s preference between Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) attempted to use his wife’s love of the Texas Tech Red Raiders as an analogy for rooting interests, stating that his wife automatically roots against anyone that plays her favorite team. This seemed to be a way to discern if Russian President Vladimir Putin merely hated Clinton or if he also liked Trump.

“It’s based on more than that, but part of it is — we’re not going to get into the details of it — but part of is the logic,” Comey noted. “Whoever the Red Raiders are playing, you want the Red Raiders to win, by definition you want their opponent to lose.”

After a little more football-related back-and-forth and a discussion about how Russia at one point thought Trump might not win, Conaway pressed the director on the FBI’s assessment of Russia’s preference.

“You believe that the FBI was consistent through early December and on that that was the case?” the GOP lawmaker asked. “That they assessed that they really wanted Trump to win it, and they were working to have him win and her lose?”

“Yes,” Comey responded. “Our analysts had a view that I don’t believe changed from late fall through to the report on January 6th that it had those three elements.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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