Westboro Baptist Church Didn’t Picket Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral Because They Couldn’t Find It


One upon a time, the Westboro Baptist Church saw that a beloved celebrity, whose work affected millions of people, had passed away — so they decided to make it all about them. Apparently, they weren’t Leonard Nimoy fans:

While it’s quite possible (read: absolutely clear) that the Church was picking on Nimoy because he was a famous person and they want attention in any way, shape or form, the Church said they would picket his funeral because of his Star Trek association with two prominent gay men, George Takei and Zachary Quinto, and his costar William Shatner:

The trolling tweets sparked outrage among Star Trek fans, who vowed to block the church’s members from sight if they showed up. Hours later, however, it was announced that the funeral would be a private ceremony, and so the WBC tweeted this:

“The church is famous for announcing plans to picket at high-profile funerals and other events but never showing up,” Inquisitr noted.

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