White Crowd in Iowa Goes Nuts When Trump Says He’s Great For Black Voters

Screen-Shot-2016-08-27-at-4.25.25-PM-650x363For over a week now, Donald Trump has been making appeals to black voters. “What do you have to lose?” has been his big line as he campaigns in overwhelmingly white neighborhoods, cities, and states even as he is hammered for it over and over again. Today, he did an appearance in Iowa, where the black population sits at about 3.4%.

It’s been demonstrated that people of color are just not feeling these appeals, but white people seem to be. At least, the white people in Iowa are. Here is a panoramic shot of the rally, which is taking place at an event on the State Fairgrounds:

Now, here is the video of those same people reacting to Trump’s appeal to voters of color:

Listen for them cheering loudly when he says, “Vote for Donald Trump! I will fix it! African Americans, Hispanics — vote for Donald Trump! I will fix it! It will get fixed!”

He also reiterated his thoughts from this morning as he talked about NBA star Dwyane Wade, whose cousin became a victim of gun violence last night.

There has yet been no word from Wade on Trump’s repeated references to his slain family member.

[image via screengrab]

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