White House Chides Sarah Palin Over ‘Politicizing’ Secret Service Sex Scandal


White House press secretary Jay Carney lit into former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin‘s sharp critique of the White House’s Secret Service prostitution scandal, which she claimed was a result “of government run amok,” saying she was exploiting the events to score political points.

“I think on the face of it is a ridiculous assertion that trivializes both the very serious nature of the endeavor that our military is engaged in in Afghanistan and the very serious nature both of the work the Secret Service does, the apolitical nature of the institution, and the seriousness of the investigation underway with regard to the Secret Service and the military and the incident in Colombia,” Carney admonished.

“Some Republicans, including Senator Sessions and Governor Palin, have begun to suggest that this incident coming on the heels of the report GSA party in Las Vegas and the breakdown of command in Afghanistan where soldiers were displaying severed limbs. So it suggests, in their words, a breakdown…” CBS News reporter Bill Plante noted.

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“In whose words?” Carney asked.

“Senator Sessions’ and Governor Palin,” Plante replied. “Among others. A breakdown in–”

“In case you didn’t hear that, that was Senator Sessions and Governor Palin,” Carney reiterated.

“–the White House oversight of the federal entities. What’s your response?” Plante pressed.

Carney offered a response:

We’ve been at war in Afghanistan for 10 years. We were at war in Iraq for nearly nine, I believe. Incidents that have been in great concern have happened in those war zones on, unfortunately, numerous occasions over the number of years that our forces have been at war there. The incident that you refer to is terrible, it does not represent the standards of the U.S. military or the conduct with which the overwhelming majority of Americans men and women in Afghanistan and before that in Iraq conduct themselves.”

Any assertion by those politicians you mentioned should be of the nature that you mentioned should be valued at the cost that you pay for it. It is preposterous to politicize the Secret Service, to politicize the behavior of — the terrible conduct of some soldiers in Afghanistan, in a war that’s been going on for ten years.

“What they’re doing is trying to criticize the President’s leadership–” Plante interjected.

“Right, what they’re doing is trying to turn these incidents, one that’s still under investigation into, you know, political advantage and obviously you recognize that, everyone here recognizes that,” Carney replied.

Watch Carney hit back at Palin, below:

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