Who Are More Romantic: Democrats Or Republicans? Fox News’ Answer May Surprise You


In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, Fox News’ website decided to take a look at whether Democrats or Republicans are more romantic – even though everyone already knows the correct answer is neither, because Cardozo the Green Party parrot is the most romantic of them all. He really listens!

In its poll, Fox News found that, not only do more people like Valentine’s Day than dislike it (64 percent versus 31 percent, to be precise), but 71 percent of Democrats say they enjoy Valentine’s Day, compared to 61 percent of independents and only 59 percent of Republicans. So maybe all those people rushing out to buy red roses at the last minute only to be confronted by sad little bouquets of wilted daisies happen to favor supply-side economics and strict constructionism.

But onto an important matter when it comes to relationships: Do people care whether their partners happen to share their political views? Sixty-five percent of participants told Fox it didn’t matter to them – which I already suspected, given I wouldn’t have found a date in this city otherwise. And then there’s this little bit of information:

Women (37 percent) are more likely than men (27 percent) to think it’s important to consider political views in matters of love. And Republicans (41 percent) and Democrats (30 percent) are more likely than independents (19 percent) to think so.


So we were interested in hearing from you: Do your snugglebunny’s political views matter to you? And do you enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day? (Remember, your likelihood of receiving your weight in chocolate may be hanging in the balance here.)

h/t FoxNews.com

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