Whoopi Goldberg Gives Neil Patrick Harris Shoes… For His Dog!

imageedit_249_9117413025Sometimes, you need a fluffy story to distract you from the serious stuff for a second. What better to provide that itty-bitty respite than an actual fluffy thing, like a puppy? More specifically, what’s better than Neil Patrick Harris‘ new dog, Gidget? She got a special present while her owner was on The View this morning and it should make you smile.

Before we get to Gidget’s stylish swag, let’s talk about what NPH was up to this morning. He was on ABC’s popular daytime show to talk about his upcoming role in the A Series of Unfortunate Events reimagining headed to Netflix and to promote his work with Omaze and (RED) for World AIDS Day. (Click here to enter to win a night on the town with NPH and husband David Burtka for charity now!)

Now, as promised, the cute bit about Gidget:

Whoopi Goldberg gave little Gidget some platform boots to match the shoes that she once gave Harris!

He joked that the dog would chew them up for sure but would at least be taller with them on.

[image: screengrab]

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