Whoops! Fox News Publishes Story That Says Jimmy Carter Is Dead (He’s Alive)


Well, this is awkward.

Over the weekend, former President George H. W. Bush set a milestone when he set a record for the longest living U.S. president. Making it to the age of 93 years and 166 days, Bush passed Gerald Ford, who lived to the age of 93 years and 165 days.

However, in a story on FoxNews.com, it was noted that a couple of other long-living former presidents both died while they were 93.

Bush, 93 years and 166 days old, outlasted the previous oldest president, Gerald Ford, who passed away at 93 and 165 days old. Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter also died at 93.

And here’s a screengrab of the article:

Umm, yeah. Jimmy Carter is not dead. He is very much alive.

As of the time of this publication, the embarrassing error was still up on the site. A number of media folks took notice and publicly called out Fox News on Twitter:

One would think that eventually, someone somewhere at the site will notice this incorrect fact in the story and get it fixed.

UPDATE 3:36 PM ET: The FoxNews.com article has now been corrected.

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