Widow of Disgraced Cop Who Staged His Own Death Indicted for Embezzlement


Remember Charles Joe Gliniewicz, the Chicago cop who staged his own death to look like a murder and launched a massive manhunt because he didn’t want to get busted for putting a hit on a city official? Remember his wife, Melanie Gliniewicz, who gave a moving speech at his vigil back in the days when Illinois was still being scoured for three suspects who all turned out to be totally made up? Well, she got indicted by a grand jury today on charges of embezzlement.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Gliniewicz turned herself in today following the indictment and her bond is set at $50,000.

While investigating the death last fall, authorities began to suspect the couple of embezzling money from a youth group. Gliniewicz appeared to be involved in her husband’s laundering scheme and was indicted on four counts of disbursing charitable funds without authority and for personal benefit and two counts of money laundering for the over 400 visits she paid to restaurants and coffee houses. She and her husband also used the stolen funds to take a trip to Hawaii.

Her lawyer released the following statement:

Melodie has suffered greatly over the past few months and continues to move her family forward after the emotionally traumatizing events of September 1, 2015. Considering Melodie’s cooperation with law enforcement, she is devastated by the decision to bring charges against her. Melodie is a victim of her husband’s secret actions and looks forward to her day in Court to show the world her innocence.

Okay then.

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