Woman Paul Ryan Touted For $1.50 Increase ‘Surprised’ He Singled Her Out: Others Got ‘Hundreds’


Remember Paul Ryan‘s now-deleted tweet touting how a secretary was getting an extra $1.50 a week? Well, now she’s speaking out on the Speaker boosting her story all over the internet.

Julia Ketchum gave a few interviews over the past few days to CBS News, CNN, and Lancaster Online.

She told the local news outlet she was genuinely surprised her story was included in the AP report Ryan cited, saying, “People interviewed before and after me had hundreds, and when (Ryan) chose to tweet about me, that cracked me up.”

Her reaction is pretty non-political and she made a point of saying she wasn’t even making a political statement in the first place.

On CNN (video above), Ketchum told Fredricka Whitfield she just answered a poll and “when she asked what would I do with the extra money, that’s the only thing I could think of was it would cover my Costco membership for the year, and I answered it honestly and I didn’t really expect––I didn’t really expect it to go where it went.”

But to CBS News, she made a point of noting how others quoted in the AP report “got hundreds more––hundreds, and I get a dollar-fifty per paycheck more, so it shows me that he might not have read the whole article.”

That being said, she was still “pleasantly surprised” to see it go up by $1.50 instead of down. You can watch that clip above, via CBS.

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