Worst Reporter in D.C. Deletes Terrible and False Tweet Boasting About Kanye West Being ‘Born Impoverished’


Washington, D.C.’s resident Yahoo Answers plagiarizer Benny Johnson, now inexplicably employed at the Daily Caller to put red circles on photos, tweeted a wrong and apparently racist tweet while defending rapper and Donald Trump supporter Kanye West.

“A black man, born impoverished & into a broken home, works his way into a multimillionaire global pop star, fashion guru & cultural icon,” the Daily Caller reporter tweeted, before writing that liberals call West “mentally ill,” a “token negro,” say he “can’t read,” and “attack his dead mother,” all because West “dares think politically” and meet Trump.

Anyone who actually knows as much about West’s career as Johnson pretends to knows that the rapper was not born in poverty. West was born middle class to two parents who had careers. They divorced when West was a small child, but his mother — an English college professor and his primary caretaker — was still financially stable. While other famous Chicago rappers — like Chief Keef and Lupe Fiasco — grew up in the city’s notoriously violent South and West Sides, West actually grew up in the suburbs, but that didn’t stop Johnson from assuming the black artist was reared in poverty.

Maybe his assumption that West grew up poor is actually just a projection of how the reporter thinks of black people in general, an idea that a number of Twitter users expressed:

Johnson has since corrected the post, choosing to instead tweet about West growing up in a “broken home,” given his parents’ divorce.

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