Yang Gang Calls Out CNN for Glaring Omission on Poll Graphic: ‘#YangMediaBlackout is Out of Control’


The “Yang Gang” — the nickname for supporters of presidential candidate Andrew Yang — is furious at a CNN over poll graphic displayed on New Day on Wednesday which included Beto O’Rourke, at 1% but not Yang, who clocked in at 3%.

The “Top Choice Nominee” graphic cited a Quinnipiac poll showing former VP Joe Biden in the lead with 32%, Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 19%, and Sen. Bernie Sanders at 15%. It then had a second row with Sen. Kamala Harris at 7%, Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 5%, and skipped right over Yang to include O’Rourke’s at 1%.

The Yang Gang noticed and called CNN out — getting the hashtag #YangMediaBlackout to trend on Twitter as a result.

“Yang is at 3%. This is fake news,” one Twitter user wrote. “The #YangMediaBlackout is out of control. I find it disgusting to see networks such as CNN and MSNBC deliberately hiding @AndrewYang from the public eye,” wrote another.

CNN did later correct the graphic on Anderson Cooper 360:

Yang supporters said this is part of a larger media blackout which refuses to cover the presidential campaign of Yang. Even 538 pollster Nate Silver said that Yang gets “very scant and skeptical” coverage from the media. The Twitter revolt even got #YangMediaBlackout trending.

Later in the day, CNN amended the graphic to include Yang. But they do not appear to have addressed the New Day omission — or issued any type of correction or clarification. Mediaite has reached out to CNN for comment, and will update this post if they respond.

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