‘Yes, I Was Wearing Pants’: Professor From Viral BBC Interview Addresses Online Speculation

A few days after becoming an internet sensation due to his BBC interview being interrupted by his two young children while his wife desperately tried to scoot them out of the room, Professor Robert Kelly spoke again with the network — this time with both kids and his spouse deliberately being a part of it.

Host James Menendez first addressed Kelly’s wife, Kim Jung-A, and asked her how it has been the past few days since she was part of this viral video. She explained that it’s been a “little bit stressful” but they are now “handling it.”

The BBC host also wanted to know if they could appreciate the comedic value of the clip after watching it later. “Yeah, we did,” Kelly responded. “We’ve watched it multiple times since and our families have watched it as well — it’s pretty hysterical.” Kim also stated that she found it funny watching it, despite the fact that during the initial interview she was flustered while trying to corral the children.

Finally, Menendez wanted Kelly to address something that had been part of online speculartion considering Kelly never raised up out of his chair while the kids were running around — did he have on trousers?

“Yes, I was wearing pants,” Kelly noted, ending that rumor once and for all.

In a separate interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kelly called it a “comedy of errors” and said that he could see his wife’s image on his computer screen during the Skype interview as she entered the room.

Watch the clip above, via BBC.

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