‘You Have to Be Quiet!’: CNN Contributor Tries to Silence Lewandowski Over ‘Star of David’ Dispute


Former Donald Trump campaign manager and current CNN contributor Corey Lewandowski was silenced — unsuccessfully — during an on-air discussion Tuesday morning about his former boss’s now infamous ‘Star of David’ Twitter meme.

Joined by his regular sparring partner Christine Quinn, the Vice Chair of the New York Democratic party, Lewandowski predictably defended Trump’s use of a controversial image linking Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton to imagery that many have called anti-semitic. “How did this image — that started on a neo-Nazi message board — make its way onto Donald Trump’s Twitter feed?” asked Alisyn Camerota at the top of the segment.

While Lewandowski is no longer a Trump staffer, he has largely used his platform on CNN to defend the GOP candidate, and the latest kerfuffle proved no exception; Lewandowski offered that it was simply taken from an anti-Clinton site. “For a firestorm to be created over an image which… was taken off of someone else’s site is a little egregious,” he offered before shifting the emphasis back onto Clinton’s FBI investigation.

“That’s not the issue,” said Quinn — a Clinton supporter — before slamming the whole controversy as, “shooting from the hip and sloppy.” Lewandowski continued to attempt to pivot the conversation onto Clinton’s woes as opposed to those of his former boss, at one point resulting in the two commentators talking over one another incessantly.

“You have to be quiet!” Quinn pushed back. “The point here is the Donald Trump has a campaign that repeatedly sends out offensive tweets, then tries to write them off with some Monday Morning Quarterbacking and creative stories around them. It speaks to sloppiness.”

Minutes later Quinn’s efforts to speak over her scene partner comedically devolved into a lighthearted attempt to physically silence Lewandowski by placing her hand over his mouth.

Watch the above exchange from CNN.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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