‘You Tucked Tail and Ran’: CNN Panel Discussion Featuring Two Veterans Quickly Gets Uncomfortable


A panel discussion revolving around the new feud between President Donald Trump and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) ended up getting quite uncomfortable when one of the panelists questioned the honor, service, and patriotism of another.

Anchor Brooke Baldwin brought on two veterans to talk about Trump calling out McCain for saying the Yemen raid was a “failure.” Following Perry O’Brien, who heads up an anti-Trump veterans group, saying Trump should apologize to McCain for the Twitter attack, Carl Higbie, a former Navy SEAL and Trump supporter, took personal shots at O’Brien.

Perry, this is the issue. You ran an anti-Trump group. You got out when all the service members got in like myself to go to war. You got out because of the war because you didn’t agree with it which is fine but to leave your friends and family and brothers and sister stranded on the battlefield because you are a conscientious objector and to come back and slander Donald Trump, calling him a white supremacist, and say Ryan Owens’ family is not owed an apology by a Senator who straight up said the mission was a failure. Come on, that’s ridiculous and it’s dishonorable.

Wow. And it continued to go downhill from there.

After O’Brien defended his service and said the conversation should be about policy rather than attacks, Higbie responded with…more attacks.

“It calls into question your credibility because you tucked tail and ran,” Higbie exclaimed. He then added that McCain’s service could also be called into a question because he “crashed an enormous amount of planes.”

Finally, Baldwin ended the conversation by saying she didn’t like the term “tuck tail” or “hurling insults at each other.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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