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Based on His Own Words, Trump ‘Hates’ America More than ‘The Squad’ Does

Understandably, most of the media focus on President Donald Trump’s feud with the four progressive women Democrats of color known as “the squad,” has been on whether his attacks on them are “racist.” There is another important issue related to this kerfuffle, however, that deserves some more attention.

Trump has, both on television on Twitter, tried to transform this debate into being about “hating” America with his claim being that “the squad” criticizes our country too harshly and doesn’t believe in our bedrock principles. Since, according to this version of Trump, America is totally awesome, if they don’t like it, they should “go back” to where they came from (which, for three of them, is the United States of America).

While I strongly disagree with many of the squad’s criticisms of America, and their view of where we should be going from here, in a logical world, Trump appears to have exposed himself as a total fraud. After all, Trump’s repeated condemnations of America have been consistent with a view of our country that is at least as negative, if not much more so, than those of the socialistic Democrats he has been attacking for “hating” the USA.

Consider for a moment the following data points, which are just a few of the many things that Trump has said and done which, if they had come from a liberal Democrat of color, he would probably be claiming was evidence of them “hating” America and that they should leave the country.

  • He came to political prominence claiming, without logic or evidence, that the president of the United States at the time was not legitimately elected because his birth made him constitutionally ineligible. It is hard to imagine a worldview more denigrating to the concept of American greatness than one which believes that our entire system was so incredibly flawed that this could actually happen, especially without anyone in power even finding out about it.
  • Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan was famously “Make America Great Again,” which obviously implies that we are NOT a great country. When Michelle Obama indirectly said the same thing during the 2008 campaign, conservatives understandably questioned her patriotism.
  • Trump constantly claimed during the 2016 campaign that the electoral system was “rigged” against him. How can you possibly feel good about our country where you can’t even trust in our ability to hold a remotely fair presidential election?
  • During that campaign he consistently claimed that the Democratic presidential candidate should be “locked up” for unknown crimes that she supposedly committed. That’s a pretty awful view of America when you think that the favorite to win a presidential election is a crook being protected by the entire governmental establishment.
  • His inaugural address made America seem like an incredibly dark and horrible place with very little hope for future.
  • As president he has constantly claimed, without legitimate evidence or logic, to be the target of a nefarious “deep state” conspiracy to oust him from power, and that this resulted in a massive “witch hunt” investigation which was somehow led by a life-long member of his own political party. Frankly, that scenario sure sounds like it could only happen in a “shithole” country.
  • Numerous times, Trump has publicly sided with foreign tyrants, including the murderous leader of Russia, a former KGB agent, over our own intelligence agencies. This could only be rational if our country was being run at below a third-world level.
  • Trump routinely refers to our most respected news media outlets as “Fake News!” and the “enemy of the people,” Even to a harsh critic of our broken news media like me, these are mantras that would be only be created by someone who really hates the basic principles, like that of free speech, on which America was founded.

Politically, it has been frustrating to see Democrats always reflexively react in the same politically-correct “our feelings are hurt” manner to every outrageous Trump comment. That response appeals to liberal emotionality, but does nothing to change the basic dynamic that got Trump elected in the first place.

I have always said that to fundamentally alter the political landscape you must go after Trump’s perceived strengths among Republican-leaning voters (i.e., he is a super-rich, strong, patriotic, conservative leader, when in reality none of that is at all accurate). Foremost among them is the belief that Trump loves America far more than Democrats do, when, in reality, you can use his own standards to make the compelling case that this is not at all true.

Based on Trump’s own words, it is very clear that it is he who really hates America. Unless, of course, he has been lying about all of this for his own personal gain.

At the very least, Democrats should force Trump to pick a lane here. By his own definition, he either hates America, or his entire political persona is a big fat fraud.

John Ziegler is a senior columnist for Mediaite. He hosts a weekly podcast focusing on news media issues and is documentary filmmaker. You can follow him on Twitter at @ZigManFreud  or email him at [email protected]

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