Nate Silver Takes Trump’s Side Over Kamala Harris, It Goes Poorly for Him


Uber-pollster Nate Silver took Donald Trump’s side over Senator Kamala Harris by directly refuting her suggestion that Trump be suspended from Twitter, and congratulating Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for giving Trump a platform. Big mistake.

For the past several days, Senator Harris has been calling for Trump to be suspended from Twitter for things like fomenting civil war and threatening people like Rep. Adam Schiff and the Ukraine whistleblower. On Tuesday night, Harris took her case straight to Dorsey, tweeting “Hey, @jack. Time to do something about this” in response to another Trump tweet.

That’s when Silver decided to weigh in, quote-tweeting Senator Harris and mimicking her construction.

“Hey, @jack. As a journalist I think Trump’s tweets are extremely newsworthy and I’m happy that you’ve given the President of the United States a platform to communicate in a direct and unfiltered way with the public,” he wrote.

Maybe Silver missed the substance of Harris’ complaint, but many prominent Twitter users did not.

Some returned the favor by mocking Silver’s “As a journalist” construction.

Parkland activist David Hogg framed Silver’s take in the starkest of terms.

Silver did have at least one fan, but it was noted Twitter liar and inciter Caleb Hull, who implored Silver to “DRAG HER,” a common Twitter phrase, but probably racist in this context.

Even Cheech and Chong wouldn’t want this much smoke, but Silver is apparently undeterred. Instead of responding to the voluminous criticism, he slammed Senator Harris over the personal letter she sent to Dorsey detailing Trump’s egregious violations of Twitter’s terms of service because… the personal letter wasn’t on Senate letterhead.

Watch Kamala Harris’ call for Trump to be suspended above, via CNN.

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