CNN Interviews Relative of Charleston Shooting Victims About Violent Trump Parody: It ‘Brought Back Flashes’


In an interview with CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, Monday, Reverend Sharon Risher, who lost several family members in the 2015 Charleston church shooting, condemned the pro-Trump massacre meme which played at a conference in the Trump Miami National Doral last weekend.

The parody video, which was played at the American Priority Conference, showed President Donald Trump killing dozens of people representing various news outlets in a church.

“Reverend Sharon Risher lost her mother and two cousins in the 2015 massacre at Mother Emanuel in Charleston, South Carolina… Sharon Risher, I will never forget the first time I interviewed you after you lost your family members in that church, never forget it,” declared Baldwin during the interview. “To hear about this video and this violence in a place of worship, how does it sit with you?”

Risher responded, “When I first saw the picture of this video on social media, I flied by it real quick because I didn’t want to look at it. Then I said to myself, I need to know what’s happening and when I finally saw this video, it just made my stomach hurt. It just made me feel like there is no sanctity, there is no sacredness from this administration.”

“How could such a thing be put out there. And even though his people have denounced this, this lets you know the kind of people that follow him and vote for him, and this kind of violence is just reprehensible,” she continued. “And to have such a thing in a church. Gun violence is deadly. There are so many of us like me that have had family members killed by this kind of violence, and to see this thing just hurts my heart.”

“It’s par for the course for him. He puts out on social media what he wants. But when it comes to something reprehensible like this, then he’s slow at responding,” Risher proclaimed. “That just makes me feel like he says he condemns it, but it’s not something that’s important to him. And it should be important to him. Gun violence is a crisis in America and he needs to denounce this because I just don’t believe that he didn’t know that this thing was going to go on, and for his folks to put that out there…. This is not a joke. People’s lives are at stake. This could trigger PTSD in people.”

Risher also claimed, “Seeing that church, it just brought back flashes of what happened, and my mother’s church in Charleston when they were slaughtered. Trump needs to do better. We understand that he really doesn’t represent all of America, but he needs to come out and say something because this isn’t what we need to see at a time like this.”

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