Fmr. Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly Says He Agrees with Mattis, Takes Hard, Thinly-Veiled Shot at Trump’s Character


Donald Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly agreed with Jim Mattis’ disapproval of Trump’s leadership — or lack thereof — following the police killing of George Floyd, and took his own shot at the president’s character.

During an interview with Anthony Scaramucci, Kelly revealed that he agrees with Mattis’ indictment of Trump, who ripped him for disregarding the Constitution and failing to lead and unify the country.

“None of us would take making that statement lightly,” Kelly said before denouncing the current “partisanship” and “tribal” nature of the United States.

Kelly suggested that the United States steps away from politics and focus on the sentiments present in the Constitution of the United States.

“The separation of powers is very, very important,” Kelly added, presumably referencing Trump’s claim that his “authority is total.” “No president ever is a dictator or a king.”

“I do think we’re a little bit out of balance relative to how the country is functioning and how American citizens are looking at their government,” he said.”I think we really need to, you know, step back, I think we need to look harder at who we elect. I think we should start, all of us — regardless of what our views are, our politics — I think we should look at people who are running for office, put them through the filter.”

Kelly then suggested we examine the characters and ethics of nominees before electing them, noting that they should represent all constituents, not just “the base.”

Kelly then proposed we elect more veterans to office, taking another quick swipe at the president, who avoided the draft five times

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