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GOP Lawmakers Reportedly Avoiding Giuliani Amid Ukraine Escapades: Should Make Sure His Info Isn’t ‘Russian Propaganda’

A new report indicates that a multitude of Republican and White House officials are trying to keep their distance from Rudy Giuliani and the information he gathered with his latest trip to Ukraine.

The Daily Beast noted that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer recently met with the president at the White House and says he was asked to brief GOP senators on his findings. Giuliani went on this trip in partnership with right-wing network OANN, which created a documentary show full of bizarre claims and talks between Giuliani and former Ukrainian officials who have been accused of corruption.

Since Giuliani has been implicated in the Ukraine scandal at the root of Trump’s impeachment and recently admitted to his role in the Marie Yovanovitch smear campaign, the Beast reports that several lawmakers, administration officials and national security personnel have steered clear of Giuliani in recent days. Several of these people said they’re skeptical about the veracity of Giuliani’s info, especially if it turns out to be Russian propaganda.

From the Beast:

“I wouldn’t trust Rudy to represent me in a parking dispute so I’d say avoid,” a senior GOP Senate aide said tersely when asked if it was a good idea for Republican senators to meet with Giuliani to get a Ukraine briefing. Another top aide in a different Republican office said their senator had informed staff that they had “no interest at all” in meeting with Giuliani on this, fearing it would amount to a “waste of time,” if not something worse.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who suggested that Giuliani appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the president’s lawyer “has not shared any of [his overseas findings] with me.”

“My advice to Giuliani would be to share what he got from Ukraine with the intelligence community to make sure it’s not Russia propaganda,” Graham said. “I’m very suspicious of what the Russians are up to all over the world.”

Giuliani offered the Beast a response to Graham’s concern: “It’s not Russian propaganda.”

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