‘How Worried Are You?’ Blitzer Grills Pence Over Trump Hinting at Violence After Indictment


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer pressed Mike Pence Thursday night on whether the former vice president was “worried” when it comes to the indictment of Donald Trump leading to violence.

Trump was indicted on some 34 counts Thursday, reportedly stemming from the falsification of business records. Trump’s attorney is supposedly discussing how the former president will surrender to the authorities.

The former president previously suggested charges against him to prompt his supporters to lash out violently with “death and destruction.”

BLITZER: Trump as you well know, he’s been warning what we could see what he calls death and destruction if he faces charges, as you well know. Now that he has been indicted. How worried are you about the potential for violence and you saw the potential for violence, the real violence and you were there on January 6th?

PENCE: Right, well, there’s no excuse for that kind of rhetoric on either side of this debate, and there’s really no reason to be calling for people to be protesting over it, as well. Look, I know President Trump well and I know President Trump can take care of himself in the courtroom, and he ought to focus on that right now.

BLITZER: You agree, though, his language is outrageous?

PENCE: Look, the harsh language on either side of this is unacceptable, including that. But I want to say to you I really do believe that this decision today is a great disservice to the country and the idea that for the first time in American history a former president would be indicted on a campaign finance issue, to me, it just smacks of political prosecution, and I think the overwhelming majority of the American people will see it that way, Wolf.

BLITZER: Are there any circumstances at all, Mr. Vice President, in which you would think it would be appropriate to criminally prosecute a former U.S. president, or should former presidents be categorically immune from any and all criminal charges?

PENCE: No one is above the law, including former presidents, let me be clear on this.

CNN’s Even Perez reported that the Secret Service is preparing to bring Trump in for arrest and arraignment on Tuesday.

Watch above via CNN.

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