Ken Buck Sends Marjorie Taylor Greene Into Meltdown After He Defends Treatment of Jan. 6 Defendants

Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) tore into fellow House Republican Ken Buck (R-CO) this week after Buck penned a lengthy letter rebutting El Paso County Republican Party Vice Chairman Todd Watkins who made various false claims about the treatment of Jan. 6th defendants last month.

“I’m appalled at this factually wrong and completely out of touch letter written by Freedom Caucus member @RepKenBuck about the treatment of J6 defendants. First off, Mr. Buck passed the buck on voting to object on Jan 6, 2021 and certified Joe Biden’s election so we know he doesn’t support President Trump,” began Greene in her reply to Buck.

Buck, a diehard conservative and former prosecutor, shot down claims made by Watkins in his letter sent at the beginning of the month. “The letter makes a number of factually incorrect claims, and then proceeds to overstate the threat to our Republic based on these false claims,” Buck wrote, adding:

There has been significant misinformation proliferated on the Internet about the status of the January 6th defendants, and I assume these Internet rumors are the source for much of the incorrect information contained in the letter.

“It is irresponsible to allege without evidence, as your letter does, that Americans are being systematically denied their most basic Constitutional rights based on their political beliefs,” Buck wrote to Watkins.

The Colorado Republican also pushed back on allegations Jan. 6th defendants were denied due process. “While many January 6 defendants have decried the process they face as unfair, it is the process every federally indicted criminal defendant in this country goes through. That is not to say that reforms to our criminal justice system are unnecessary, but for you to argue this specific set of defendants have been singled out and denied due process is misleading,” Busk insisted.

“It is sad that Republican leaders are misdirecting the energy and resources of Republican activists at a time when this country is facing crises after crises as a result of the failed policies of the Biden administration,” Buck concluded calling for Republican activists to turn their attention to other issues facing the country.

Greene, who has long hyped MAGA-related issues like election denial and the treatment of Jan. 6th defendants, went on to claim Buck “appeared to show full support of Biden’s Weaponized Government and a total disconnect from the cruel reality of J6 defendants and the American people.”

Greene’s targeting of Buck highlights an ongoing battle within the Republican Party between members who support federal law enforcement and the judicial system and those who make headlines by railing against it.

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