Louise Mensch Hints ‘Death Penalty, For Espionage’ is Still Being Considered For Steve Bannon


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Political commentator and conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch on Friday stood by her 2017 claims that former White House adviser Steve Bannon was “being considered” for “the death penalty.”

In July 2017, Mensch, who had amassed an online reputation for spreading anti-Trump conspiracy theories, posted a wild claim: “My sources say the death penalty, for espionage, being considered for [Steve Bannon]. I am pro-life and take no pleasure in reporting this.”

The post, which resulted in a never-ending stream of ridicule, ensured Mensch was rarely taken seriously in the media again. Though this week she revealed that her belief in Bannon’s impending execution haven’t changed.

On Friday, after Business Insider Australia editor JR Hennessy asked Mensch whether Bannon had been executed yet, she replied, “I’d continue to check it if I were you.”

“And yes, the above did happen, it’s why [Bannon] caved and sang lustily to [the FBI],” she claimed.

“No worries, i’ll keep an eye on it,” replied Hennessy.

Mensch, is a former British Member of Parliament and the founder of Rupert Murdoch’s defunct blog Heat Street.

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