Marco Rubio Called Out for ‘Pathetic’ Defense of Trump Asking China to Investigate Rival


Commentators trashed Sen. Marco Rubio for his defense President Donald Trump asking China to investigate Joe Biden — with some calling the Florida Republican “pathetic.”

Rubio argued Trump was joking when he publicly called on China to investigate Biden and his family for him, saying the president was trying to get a rise out of the media. Trump made his comments about China amidst an impeachment inquiry over whether he abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden.

One commentator compared Rubio’s response to Sen. Mitt Romney’s, who actually criticized the president for calling on foreign powers to investigate a political rival.

Another noted that Trump himself has said he is not joking, insisted he is interested in dealing with “corruption” while calling for investigations of the family of a particular person who is running for president against him.

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