Mike Pompeo Gets Irritated When Asked About Impeachment, Syria: ‘The Whole Predicate of Your Question Is Insane’


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave an interview to a home state newspaper this week, during which, he seemed to get annoyed that part of the interview involved tough questions about the situation in Syria and President Donald Trump’s possible impeachment.

Wichita Eagle’s Jonathan Shorman spoke to Pompeo while he was visiting Kansas with Ivanka Trump, and as the secretary waxed on about the Trump administration’s impact on the economy, he was asked “given everything that is going on in the world right now, you feel that this is the best use of your time as chief diplomat to be here?”

“Absolutely. One hundred percent,” Pompeo answered, to which, Shorman followed up by asking “Has the House impeachment inquiry into the president affected your consideration of a run for Senate in Kansas at all?”

“No change,” Pompeo said. “I think I’ve answered this question 103 or 104 times.”

Pompeo continued to face further questions on whether his image or leadership of the State Department has been “damaged” as the Ukraine scandal continues to unfold.

“You all talk about this noise an awful lot, that you all are fixated on this. The State Department, you should know, is not,” Pompeo grumbled. “Whatever the noise is in Washington or whatever some journalist wants to ask about some storyline that’s going on, the American people should know that the State Department will continue to do its mission.”

The conversation eventually landed on Bill Taylor, the top Ukraine envoy whose testimony reaffirms that Trump wanted to strike a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government to get them to investigate Joe Biden. When asked about this, Pompeo complained that “I came here today to talk about workforce development” before calling the impeachment inquiry “unfair.”

After that, the interview moved on to Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Syria, wherein Pompeo once again defended Trump’s handling of the conflict between Syria, Turkey and the Kurds. When asked if Trump’s treatment of the America’s Kurdish allies undermines the U.S.’ credibility, Pompeo retorted that “The whole predicate of your question is insane.”

Watch above, via Kansas City Star.

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