‘Scary as Hell’: Frank Luntz Sounds Alarm on Nearly Half of Americans Saying Losing Candidates Should NOT Accept Election Results


Noted pollster Frank Luntz sounded the alarm on a new poll showing only 55% of Americans believe a losing candidate should NOT accept election results.

Luntz appeared on Morning Joe and was asked for comment on a recent Yahoo! News/YouGov poll that revealed that 44% of poll respondents believe a losing candidate should accept results, simply saying he found the poll to be “scary as hell.”

The long-time Republican pollster revealed that he was attending a Conservative Party conference in the UK where he was “trying to say to them, be very careful what you wish for. Be very careful of what campaign you hold today, you could end up like the U.S.”

“When you lose faith and trust in elections itself, you’ve lost your democracy,” Luntz added. “And we are so close to the edge.”

He then explained how he told college students, “this isn’t how democracy is supposed to work. You accept the loss and move on. It’s so toxic. We don’t want what’s happening in the U.S. to happen here in the UK. That could be a tragedy.”

The apparent trend of not accepting election results follows a nearly two-year campaign of former President Donald Trump undermining faith in US election results on baseless claims that have not held up under any court of law.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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