comScore The Cringiest Christmas Message Goes to Dan Bongino

The Cringiest Christmas Message Goes to Dan Bongino

There’s been a lot of conservative Christmas cringe this year, with many Republican talking heads continuing their crusade against “the war on Christmas”– a war that doesn’t actually exist.

But author and commentator Dan Bongino stole the show on Wednesday, with his Christmas message to “own the libs.”

“Be sure to own the libs today and respond ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ to all of the little lib snowflakes,” Bongino declared. “It’s small, but wonderful, triggering mechanisms such as this which will make the world a better place. MERRY CHRISTMAS libs. Now go back to the basement & cry it out.”

President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump also rallied against the “snowflakes” in a Christmas message this week, acting as if Democrats had suffered some kind of aneurysm after she wished viewers a Merry Christmas on Fox News.

“Thrilled to know how many snowflakes were triggered by our saying ‘Merry Christmas’,” wrote Trump, though there was no evidence that anyone noteworthy had taken offense over the Christmas greeting.

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