Trump Of All People Says DeSantis ‘Had a Very Bad Day’ Because ‘He Got Very Angry at the Press’


Former President Donald Trump chided Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a Fox News town hall, where he said his 2024 Republican primary opponent had a “very bad day” because he clashed with a reporter.

Trump, of course, has battled the media more than any other president in modern times. He has lobbed the “fake news” criticism against the press more times than one can count and has called the media “the enemy of the people.”

Appearing with Sean Hannity in Iowa on Thursday night, Trump discussed the GOP primary and said he doesn’t know why other Republicans are challenging him.

The former president did not mention DeSantis by name and instead referred to him as “the one who’s second.”

“There’s one guy who’s at zero [percent] with an arrow pointing left,” Trump said, though it is unclear which candidate was referring to. “That means he’s at less than zero. So, it is what it is. I really go after the one who’s second and I think the one who’s second has gone down so much and so rapidly that I don’t think he’s going to be second that much longer. I think he’s going to be third fourth.”

Trump cited DeSantis clashing with Associated Press reporter Steve Peoples earlier in the day. Peoples asked the governor why he hasn’t taken questions from voters during any events thus far.

“People are coming up to me, talking to me,” DeSantis responded. “What are you talking about? Are you blind? Are you blind? People are coming up to me, talking to me whatever they want to talk to me about.”

According to Trump, tangling with reporters is “very bad.”

“He had a very bad day today,” Trump said. “He got very angry at the press. You’re not allowed to get angry at the press.”

Predictably, the town hall crowd laughed.

“At the fake news, he got angry” Trump concluded.

During a 2015 press conference as a candidate, Trump famously ejected a Univision reporter. He kicked a Politico journalist out of a rally the following year. Earlier this year, he booted an NBC News reporter from his plane. As president, he banned CNN’s Jim Acosta from the White House

Watch above via Fox News.

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