Trump Reportedly Told Giuliani to ‘Keep At It’ With Ukraine Investigation Despite Impeachment

Even though Donald Trump is facing the possibility of impeachment because of his attempts to pressure Ukraine with the help of Rudy Giuliani, apparently that’s not convincing the president to put an end to his personal lawyer’s activities.

The Daily Beast spoke to two officials who were familiar with what Giuliani and Trump talked about when the former visited the White House last week to share the findings of his overseas travels with the president. The Beast reports that in this conversation, “the president approved of the work his lawyer had conducted and told him to keep digging and pushing the narrative on the former vice president and 2020 Democratic contender Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.”

“One of these sources described Trump as telling Giuliani to “keep at it” and to not let up, even in the face of intense public criticism,” the Beast reports.

Trump repeatedly defended Giuliani in recent weeks despite both of them remaining under intense political and legal pressure from the Ukraine scandal. The former New York City mayor has not only been implicated for his involvement in the attempted quid pro quo between Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky but more recently, he admitted to advancing the smear campaign against Marie Yovanovitch because “I needed [her] out of the way” of his efforts to gather dirt on the Biden family.

White House sources also told The Beast that several top administration officials have tried to keep their distance from Giuliani’s investigations, fearing they’ll be roped into the Ukraine scandal as well. This comes amid separate reports from journalists who say White House officials privately wish Trump would drop Giuliani.

“I do not want my name showing up in a [news] story about what Rudy and the president discuss,” an official said. “I don’t want my text messages with [Giuliani] being all over cable news.”

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